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The secret of a good hotel newspaper - printed and as e-paper

Creating the daily informational newspaper for the hotel is a tedious and time-consuming task in most hotels. And often the end product looks unappealing.

A well-designed hotel newspaper can be more than just a standard service. It helps to sell your offers, contributes a lot to customer loyalty and has real collector’s value. As a silent host with tips and tricks for an unforgettable stay, it is indispensable.

In order for you to have a premium hotel newspaper with ease and in the middle of your daily business, there is the innovative online editor from Hotelmedia Service. 

With just a few clicks, you can create your morning post in no time!


Hotelzeitung Empfang Digital

Your Hotel Journal - Beautiful and quickly created

Time saving through automation

The latest news in your hotel newspaper

Information from around the world

Directly to your website

Digital upload to all your media

Hotel Marketing Empfang

Modular system and automated content for your in-house marketing

Thanks to the innovative modular system, content is automatically imported or simply dragged into the output. This creates your professional morning news in a few minutes as if by itself.

And that’s not all – the intelligent connection with other documents such as the weekly program, the dinner menu, a birthday news, etc. but also your hotel website and digital guest directory makes Hotelmedia Editor a true all-round talent.

Of course, we also provide you with a lot of content like weather, games, puzzles, children’s mail, sayings etc. in the most important languages.

Developed from practical experience, Hotelmedia Editor is a tool that is as easy to use as Word, but allows you to design professionally like a specialist.

Digital Morning Newspaper available as an e-paper

We provide you with the morning news not only in printed form, but also digitally.

The complete morning news for online reading on your website or individual contents of the morning news in other digital media such as a digital guest directory – completely individually according to your wishes.

What does this look like? Take a look at our morning news for kids online – created by us daily for your little guests – click here.

Your complete Hotel Journal - Translated automatically

At the click of a button, a foreign language edition of your complete hotel morning news is created and matched to the layout – translation really couldn’t be easier, and it takes only seconds!

Currently available for:

English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and Slovenian. 

Other languages are being prepared for you and will be available soon.

Everything online in a moment

Digital connection like magic

Show information from the hotel morning news like your daily menu, current activities or events on your website or in your digital guest directory – Hotelmedia News simply handles this for you. Without you having to switch to another system!

Once integrated, changes to the articles in Hotelmedia News are automatically updated on your website – at the right place and on the right day.

 Our innovative connections make it possible!

Hotelzeitung einfach erstellen
Gästezeitung Frühstück

Unsere innovativen Anbindungen machen es möglich

Alle Informationen, die in Ihrer Morgenpost enthalten sind, können individuell auf Ihre Website eingebunden werden. Der gewählte Artikel aus Ihrer Morgenpost, wie zum Beispiel der Veranstaltungskalender, das tägliche Menü oder was immer Sie tagesaktuell halten möchten, wird einmalig durch den Web-Administrator in die Website an der passenden Stelle eingebaut – ab diesem Zeitpunkt funktioniert alles automatisch.

Täglich wiederkehrende Informationen werden so lange auf der Website angezeigt, bis Sie den Artikelinhalt ändern.

Wöchentlich wiederkehrende Aktivitäten werden genau am richtigen Tag an der richtigen Stelle dargestellt – ohne dass Sie wieder darüber nachdenken müssen.

Digital Services

We focus on our innovative developments and cooperation with first-class partners to perfectly meet your needs.

guest directory

Connection to all relevant guest directory tools on the market


The complete hotel morning news as e-paper, the daily menu or daily information

Giggle Experience Cloud

Our premium partner for your experiences - directly linked with Hotelmedia


Embed content from your hotel morning news into your existing HTML-enabled system

The printed morning paper at the breakfast table is popular and important – but all other channels also have to be perfectly covered and maintained in these days. Therefore, we link Hotelmedia Service with other specialized providers to provide you with the best possible service.

Content from the hotel morning news, such as the daily menu or other important information, is automatically and accurately transmitted on a daily basis!

Our universal digital widget can be integrated as html code into ALL existing digital programs such as Giggle, Suitepad, code2order, betterspace, Gastfreund, resavio, etc. and of course also onto your website or other info channels that are able to process html.


This is guest communication at its best!

And this is how it works

A newspaper to your liking

Within the given layout you can easily and quickly integrate as much content and images as you want.

All your information is automatically stored in a database and can be accessed by you at any time. 

With Hotelmedia Service you can also automatically pre-define recurring program items of your hotel and thus determine and pre-produce future versions of your guest newspaper in advance.

Hotel Marketing Kaffee

Flexible modular system

Insert content and add image as you want.

Simply drag and drop ready content into the layout.

Create morning news automatically

Content is saved with recurrence setting and is automatically available on the correct day in the layout.

Automated translations

Automatic translations at the click of a button for many relevant languages.

The weather for your location

Four times a day current weather data for your location as preview for the day and 5 day preview.

PDF and e-pager available immediately

Create, modify or print the PDF at any time – without waiting. And make it available as an e-paper.

Completed children's morning news

Every day you will receive an exciting and entertaining morning news for your smallest guests – individual customized for your house and ready to print.

Digital Widget

Link the articles easily to your website, digital guest directory or hotel TV info channel – once linked, all areas are automatically updated.

Linking tourism associations

Local related information from the tourist board is automatically displayed in the software and is made available for drag and drop

Ready made content

Games, Sudoko, proverbs, jokes, horoscopes – a variety of ready-made articles are available in different languages.

Daily news service

Daily up-to-date articles from business, politics, society, health & wellness and much more from our press agencies

Zeitung Logo Hotelmedia Morgenpost
Gästezeitung Erstellung Hotelmedia

One tool for all your needs

Unlimited marketing options

Use the Hotelmedia Service Tool for different print products in your hotel: morning news, weekly program, elevator notice, employee newspaper, birthday post, etc.

The standard formats A3, A4 and A5 are automatically available, other formats on request.

Easily create your own type area – enjoy full flexibility within the layout grid.

Secret of a good morning news - here is a brief overview

Take us into your team

We would like to support you in the creation of your sales-active morning mail in the years to come. The system is – similar to Word – very easy to use. You will quickly manage to find your way around. But for all eventualities our support team is ready to assist you.

Content, design and text support

However, in addition to answering all your questions about Hotelmedia News, we can also advise you on content, text and, of course, design and photo selection.


Just give us a call or send us an e-mail to 

We would be happy to show you our publishing tool online or during a personal meeting.

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